Future Foods – 6 Foods we all will eat in future

Why do we need sustainable food ?

Global forces are affecting the future of foods and in the long term we are running out of food resources. We have to swipe over to sustainable foods. In fact, the food industry is already moving towards the new foods/sustainable foods of the future that won’t harm the environment.

Critical forces that determine our food resources: 

  • Climate change
  • Population growth
  • Consumption
  • Food wasting
  • Obesity

Future Food what we will eat

Future Foods

Food Waste Future Foods

6 Future Foods we all will eat in some years

1. Algae – Future Food

Algae Future Food

Sustainable Food Key Facts: 

  • High amount of protein
  • you will find it as a Protein bar or probiotic shot

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2. Insects – Future Food

Insects Future Food

Sustainable Food Key Facts: 

  • Less water and farm space
  • Less emissions to farm
  • High amount of protein

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3. Lab-grown Meat – Future Food

lab grown meat future food

Sustainable Food Key Facts: 

  • 7-45% lower energy
  • 78-96% lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • 99% less land use

4. 3D Printed – Future Food

3D printed future foods

Sustainable Food Key Facts: 

  • saves time
  • less waste
  • reduces plastic


5. Farmed Fish – Future Food

fish farming future food trend

Sustainable Food Key Facts: 

  • overfishing problems could be solved partially
  • less emissions
  • lower ecological risk


6. Jackfruit – Future Food 

Jackfruit meat alternative

Sustainable Food Key Facts: 

  • healthy meat alternative
  • grows quickly in every circumstances
  • rich in protein, vitamin & potassium

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