TikTok Ad Formats

TikTok Ad Formats 2021/2022

In this Paid Advertising Guide you will learn the available Ad Formats on the trending Video Platform TikTok.

1. In-Feed Ads

In-Feed TikTok ads are the standard ads, which allows you to place your ad video to auto-play on your target audiences’ ‘For You Page’. The audience can share, like and comment your ad and therefore engage with your brand.

This might be the correct Ad Format if your ads should be performance oriented, app downloads or simply to create awareness. Read more here.

2. Top-View Ads

Top-View Ads are a brilliant way to boost awareness and reach. Your ad will be placed on the Top of the ‘For You Page’ and catches every users attentions. The video can be up to 60 seconds long.

In this example here Samsung created a powerful Top-View Ad to raise brand awareness.

3. Brand Takeover Ads

This TikTok Ad Format is similar to the Top-View Ads but users can’t comment or like the video. The Brand Takeover Ads have to be up to 5 seconds, short and catchy. Similar to the Non skippable YouTube Ads or Bumper Ads.

Here is a great example of Maybelline using a Brand Takover Ad.

4. Branded Hashtag Challenge

Strong brand awareness and engagement can be created with a Branded Hashtag Challenge on TikTok. The Ads can be broken down into 3 segments:

  1. Standard Video that appears in the In-Feed encouraging the participation
  2. Featured Banners in the Discovery Page driving traffic through the hashtag
  3. The main page the hashtag page

5. Branded Effects

Your Video Ad + Stickers, Filters and Effects make the Branded Effect Ads playful and the audience engagement increases.

Find here an example of KIA Russia creating an interesting Branded Effect Ad.