How to make Pizza like an Italian – Easy Recipe

Pizza how to

1. How to make Pizza like an Italian for beginners  


First of all, you will need these ingredients for your perfect delicious Pizza:

(for 2 Pizzas)

  • Flour: 500g
  • Water (warm): 300ml
  • Olive Oil: 30ml
  • Beer Yeast: 5g
  • Table Salt: 10g
  • Mozzarella
  • Basil
  • Tomato Sugo
  • Time

Pizza Italian


1.1 How to make Pizza like an Italian – Dough (2 hours before)


Firstly, the dough needs at least 2 hours to rest, so plan your time. Then prepare your warm (30C) water in a cup and add the yeast and stir well. In a big bowl put your 500g flour (sifted flour better), add your water-yeast cup slowly while showing your muscles, its time for kneading the dough !Eventually, after having added the warm water, salt the dough. Now don’t stop kneading until your dough is compact like in the picture below, when it is, it’s time for adding to the dough the olive oil. Finally, knead the dough even more and put it then into the big bowl, close it with a polythene foil, place it at a warm place and let it rest for 2 hours. The dough will double its size because of the yeast.


Pizza homemade


Pizza Receipt


1.2 How to make Pizza like an Italian – Shaping the dough


*….2 hours later* ring ring, quit your smartphone clock and check your Pizza dough and start heating your oven. *Wow*, is now your reaction, the dough has grown and is now ready to be shaped. At the beginning cut your dough into 2 pieces as we want 2 Pizzas afterwards. Furthermore, in the picture below you see the dough already tendered with the rolling spin, try to prepare your dough that way, shape it not too thin and not too thick.


Pizza homemade


1.3 How to make Pizza like an Italian – Design your Pizza  


You are now enjoying the funniest part of our Pizza process. Prepare two baking sheets with baking paper and place your dough. Begin designing your pizza with the tomato sugo but ignore the edge of the pizza. Secondly, cut your Mozzarella in little pieces and add it on top of your Pizza. Thirdly, put on your Pizza Basil and other ingredients you like. Ready, put the Pizzas in the oven! The baking time of a Pizza depends on the thickness of the dough, normally you should bake your Pizza 15-20min on 250 C. 


Pizza Receipt


1.4 How to make Pizza like an Italian – Enjoy your Pizza !

Finally! Your Pizza is ready now, you already know the next step, exactly, EAT and ENJOY 🙂 Read here about my last receipt of how to cook Pasta like an Italian.

Pizza Italian


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How to cook Pasta like Italians

How to cook pasta like an Italian | Easy Recipe

How to cook Pasta like Italians


Ciao, how are you ? As you maybe know, cooking pasta is for us Italians art and we want to spread it 😉 In this article I will show you how to cook your pasta like an Italian with an easy recipe. perfectly like Italian do. There are a lot of others articles about how Italians cook pasta, but not written by Italians and some of them I would not recommend. Here are the steps you should follow.


How to cook Italian Pasta

Guide how to cook pasta like an Italian – Recipe

1 . Put salt when the water is boiling

For your perfect Italian pasta like from an Italian made you have to study first some important things. The amount of salt is considered by some Italian chef on 10g every 100g pasta in a 1l pot. Don’t put first the pasta and then the salt, the cold pasta cools the water. The amount of pasta varies: 100-150 g per person when the pasta is served as a main dish. Now it is normal if your adrenaline is increasing;) Lets head on to the second part of how to cook pasta like an Italian.


Pasta Receipt

2. Stir the Italian pasta every minute

You don’t want the pasta to stick, therefore stir it ! It will make your pasta a lot better, especially when cooking Spaghetti. There is nothing worse than Spaghetti’s couples or triples or quartets and so on. So keep stiring the pasta with love 😉

3. Put the Italian pasta out when it is al dente

You should watch the cooking time of your kind of pasta, it is always written on the pack. Never boil your pasta more than it is written on it, the result will be a bad soft pasta. For Italians there exist nothing worse than a overcooked pasta. Try before putting out the pasta! 


Pasta Receipt


4. Prepare in an other pot your tomato sugo

When putting in your pasta in the boiled salted water you should prepare a pot with the tomato sugo and let it boil the same amount of time as your pasta. By the way, Barilla has some ready sugos who are delicious find it here. Barilla Pasta & Sugo 



5. Put herbs like basil at the end in your boiling tomato sugo

To give your tomato sugo the best taste you should put basil at the end, so the flavour of the herbs will effect as much as possible your tomato sugo. You can find fresh basil in supermarkets, basil should be fresh to enable the strong aroma. 


Pasta Receipt


6. Use a sieve where you put your boiling pasta

When your pasta is al dente, put the water with the pasta in a sieve and don’t cool the pasta with cold water, never! Let it in the sieve and put it then in the pot with the tomato basil sugo and stir.


Italian Food


7. Put the pasta in the tomato sugo and add parmigiano cheese and olive oil

Serve your delicious Italian pasta on a plate, Italians, the parmigiano cheese and pasta are inseparable, so is the olive oil. It is 100 % worth spending a big more money on a high quality olive oil. Having added these two ingredients on top of your pasta, the Italian dish is ready to impress your guest or yourself. Try it out! That was the perfect Recipe to cook pasta like an Italian. 



Olive oilItalian Pasta









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