All prevention measures coronavirus

Coronavirus All Prevention Measures You Did Not Know Yet

You might know all the typical Coronavirus prevention measures advised by the WHO. However, there way more prevention measures you can or should take in order to avoid the uncontrolled spreading of the coronavirus.

All prevention measures coronavirus

1. Clean your Smartphone

Cleaning your Smartphone is nowadays one of the most effectives way to prevent spreading the coronavirus next to washing your hands.

Coronavirus All Prevention Measures

2. Clean all Door Knobs

Make sure to disinfect all door knobs in your office or at home. The virus can survive more than 24 hours on metal and other materials. Good measure to prevent the coronavirus.

Coronavirus All Prevention Measures

3. Clean your Keys

We are touching keys every day before leaving and entering the house without thinking it.

Coronavirus All Prevention Measures You Did Not Know

4. Avoid using ATMs 

ATMs are being touched by thousands of people every day without being cleaned too often. Prevent the virus to be spread through ATMs.

ATM Coronavirus

5. Avoid touching Coins and Bank notes

Coins and bank notes are dirty and full of bacteria and viruses. Bank notes may be spreading the coronavirus.

Bank notes coronavirus

5. Avoid touching Shopping Carts in the Supermarkets

We never know how many times shopping carts are being disinfected to prevent coronavirus to be spread. However, not touching it won’t harm you.

Coronavirus All Prevention Measures