Gluten Free Italian Pizza Recipe

Gluten Free Pizza Recipe – Homemade

In this article I show you how to make a Homemade Gluten Free Pizza from an Italian, me.

Homemade Gluten Free Pizza Recipe – Dough

Gluten Free Italian Pizza Recipe

For the dough for one Pizza (2 persons)

  • 350g Rice Flour
  • 100g Mais Flour
  • 350ml water
  • 1 spoon olive oil
  • 25g brewery’s yeast (perfect in powder)
  • bit of salt

Firstly, the dough needs at least 1 hours to rest, so plan your time. Put in a bowl the Rice and Mais Flour and the brewery’s yeast (in powder) and add slowly water. If your yeast in not in powder form, prepare your warm (30C) water in a cup and add the yeast and stir well.

Now show your muscles, its time for kneading the dough ! Eventually, after having added the warm water, salt the dough. Now don’t stop kneading until your dough is compact, when it is, it’s time for adding to the dough the olive oil. Finally, knead the dough even more and put it then into the big bowl, close it with a polythene foil, place it at a warm place and let it rest for 1 hours. The dough will double its size because of the yeast.


Gluten Free Pizza Margherita 

After 1 hour look at your dough, it should be ready and has grown.

what do you need ?

  • Fresh Basil
  • 400ml Tomato Sugo
  • 1 Mozzarella

Like in the picture below you see the dough already tendered with the rolling spin, try to prepare your dough that way, shape it not too thin and not too thick.


Gluten Free Pizza Dough


Homemade Gluten Free Pizza Recipe – Design your Margherita  


You are now enjoying the funniest part of our Pizza process. Prepare two baking sheets with baking paper and place your dough. Begin designing your pizza with the tomato sugo but ignore the edge of the pizza. Secondly, cut your Mozzarella in little pieces and add it on top of your Pizza. Thirdly, put on your Pizza Basil and other ingredients you like. Ready, put the Pizzas in the oven! The baking time of a Pizza depends on the thickness of the dough, normally you should bake your Pizza 15-20min on 250 C. 


Homemade Gluten Free Pizza Recipe

Gluten Free Pizza Recipe – Result


Italian Gluten Free Pizza Recipe


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