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Italy Tour – Top 10 Northern Italy Destinations


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In this blog I will give you advice how to plan your Italy Tour to the top 10 Northern Italy Destinations.


1.  Milan 

The Italy Tour starts with the Northern Italy destination Milan. The best and cheapest option for International flights is the airport Milano Malpensa or for Ryanair flights Bergamo (Milan). As a good starting point in the city of fashion you will enjoy the “Duomo” of Milan and shop in the most prestigious Italian stores. Furthermore, a very interesting spot in Milan are the channels of “Navigli“, constructed in the 12th century and continued by Leonardo da Vinci. Nowadays, a popular place to watch a romantic sunset and have some Italian drinks in a great variety of bars.


Milano Navigli Tour


2. Lake Garda

Next stop of the Northern Italy Tour is the “Lago di Garda”, Italy’s biggest lake with a stunning atmosphere. The lake is surrounded by mountains and impresses plenty of tourists each year. The glacial lake is the border to the Italian Alpine region,  “Sirmione” is situated in the south, featured with hot springs and the largest Roman ruins in Northern Italy, “Grotte di Catullo”. In the northern shore of the lake lies Riva del Garda famous for its outdoor possibilities like sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and swimming.


Lake Garda


3. Bolzano/Bozen

Straight from Lake Garda you should continue your Italy Tour towards South Tyrol’s capital, Bolzano or Bozen. You are now discovering the Italian Alps region, featured with incredible landscapes. In Bolzano you will recognize the fusion of the Italian and Austrian culture, everything is bilingual (German and Italian). From Bolzano you have plenty of possibilities to discover the nearby alpine scenery. Bolzano itself attracts thousands of yearly tourist with its antique “Portici“, medieval carcades. Furthermore, you find in the Museum of Archeology the oldest glacial mummy “Ötzi“. An other significant point is that Bolzano was ranked in 2014 as the city with the best quality of life in Italy. Here you find more about Bolzano and South Tyrol

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Bozen South Tyrol


4. Verona 

The fourth spot of the Northern Italy Tour leads us towards Verona. It’s best known as the settings for Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet“. What is more, Verona is assembled with Roman ruins, Renaissance palaces and medieval buildings, its the perfect place to enjoy the charm and calm of an old Italian city. Verona is situated between the so famous cities Milano and Venice and therefore less visited by tourists, but offers plenty of attractions.


Verona Italia Tour


5. Venice

Venezia can’t be missed in the Italy Tour. This magical city is situated across more than 100 little islands that are separated by the famous channels. It seems like that the streets are replaced by water and buildings rise up from the sea, no doubts why this city has been so famous for hundreds of years. Venice is known for its ornate glasswork called “Venetian glass”, a skill that had been developed by the 13th century. Furthermore you maybe have heard about the Carnival of Venice and it’s traditional carnival masks. All in all, a city that fits perfectly in the Italy Tour.


Tour Italia


6. Bologna

The Italy Tour continues with Bologna, the capital city of the Northern Italy region Emilia-Romagna and 7th biggest city of Italy. Thanks to its red brick buildings, Bologna is called “La Rossa” and was founded by the Etruscan. Architects will love Bologna for its antique towers and cityscapes. The University of Bologna is the oldest institution of studies and it’s worth visiting. The major square is called “Piazza Maggiore” decorated with the beautiful Basilica of San Petronio.


Bologna Italia Tour


7. Cinque Terre

One of the most beautiful places of the Northern Italy Tour. Cinque Terre is situated in the region of Liguria and has gone viral lately in the social networks for it’s breathtaking beauty. The name of this area translates to “five lands” because it’s comprises  the five villages RiomaggioreManarolaCornigliaVernazza and Monterosso. The towns are built on high cliffs overlooking the mediterranean sea. In Cinque Terre you should definitely eat Trofie, a kind of pasta made from chestnut or wheat flour and drink the dry white wine “Cinque Terre”. You will love this place.


Italia Tour Cinque Terre


8. Santa Margherita Ligure

We are now heading towards the end of our Italy Tour, but before we stop at Santa Margherita Ligure, an insider tip. It is situated about 35km southeast of Genova on the Italian Riviera. This charming seaside town is relatively unknown and offers therefore cheaper hotel options than its neighbor Cinque Terre. Santa Margherita Ligure is perfect for spending your day at the beach or exploring the “Castello di Santa Margherita Ligure“.


Italy Tour Santa Margherita


9. Porto Fino

Porto Fino is situated not far from Santa Margherita Ligure and is known for it’s colorful waterfront homes and harbor. The little village is a popular day-trip destination and shopping spot. Every day you will find in the harbor of Porto Fino floating prestigious yachts. Porto Fino has been visited by many celebrities in the past years, some of them are: George Clooney, Madonna, Robert De Niro, Ringo Star and Denzel Washington. The Italian Yacht club has its summer headquarter in Porto Fino and prestigious boat races take place every year.


Italia Tour Genova


10. Genova

The Italy Tour has come to its last destination, the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, Genova. Genova is the capital city of the coast region Liguria. The port of Genova has historically been one of the most important and currently number one in Italy and is situated at the base of the city. Next to the port you will spot the famous Aquarium of Genova and waterfront bars. Part of the old city center of Genova was inscribed on the World Heritage List (UNESCO). In fact, the historic center features narrow, winding streets and a stunning architecture style and the notable “Palazzi dei Rolli“. In conclusion you should eat in Genova the most famous “Pasta al Pesto“. The picture below was taken by Anis Tesh 




Italy Route – Top 10 Northern Italy Destinations



Italy Tour


Start: Milano

B: Lago di Garda

C: Bolzano

D: Verona

E: Venezia

F: Bologna

G: Cinque Terre

H: Santa Margherita & Porto Fino

I: Genova


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How to cook Pasta like Italians

How to cook pasta like an Italian | Easy Recipe

How to cook Pasta like Italians


Ciao, how are you ? As you maybe know, cooking pasta is for us Italians art and we want to spread it 😉 In this article I will show you how to cook your pasta like an Italian with an easy recipe. perfectly like Italian do. There are a lot of others articles about how Italians cook pasta, but not written by Italians and some of them I would not recommend. Here are the steps you should follow.


How to cook Italian Pasta

Guide how to cook pasta like an Italian – Recipe

1 . Put salt when the water is boiling

For your perfect Italian pasta like from an Italian made you have to study first some important things. The amount of salt is considered by some Italian chef on 10g every 100g pasta in a 1l pot. Don’t put first the pasta and then the salt, the cold pasta cools the water. The amount of pasta varies: 100-150 g per person when the pasta is served as a main dish. Now it is normal if your adrenaline is increasing;) Lets head on to the second part of how to cook pasta like an Italian.


Pasta Receipt

2. Stir the Italian pasta every minute

You don’t want the pasta to stick, therefore stir it ! It will make your pasta a lot better, especially when cooking Spaghetti. There is nothing worse than Spaghetti’s couples or triples or quartets and so on. So keep stiring the pasta with love 😉

3. Put the Italian pasta out when it is al dente

You should watch the cooking time of your kind of pasta, it is always written on the pack. Never boil your pasta more than it is written on it, the result will be a bad soft pasta. For Italians there exist nothing worse than a overcooked pasta. Try before putting out the pasta! 


Pasta Receipt


4. Prepare in an other pot your tomato sugo

When putting in your pasta in the boiled salted water you should prepare a pot with the tomato sugo and let it boil the same amount of time as your pasta. By the way, Barilla has some ready sugos who are delicious find it here. Barilla Pasta & Sugo 



5. Put herbs like basil at the end in your boiling tomato sugo

To give your tomato sugo the best taste you should put basil at the end, so the flavour of the herbs will effect as much as possible your tomato sugo. You can find fresh basil in supermarkets, basil should be fresh to enable the strong aroma. 


Pasta Receipt


6. Use a sieve where you put your boiling pasta

When your pasta is al dente, put the water with the pasta in a sieve and don’t cool the pasta with cold water, never! Let it in the sieve and put it then in the pot with the tomato basil sugo and stir.


Italian Food


7. Put the pasta in the tomato sugo and add parmigiano cheese and olive oil

Serve your delicious Italian pasta on a plate, Italians, the parmigiano cheese and pasta are inseparable, so is the olive oil. It is 100 % worth spending a big more money on a high quality olive oil. Having added these two ingredients on top of your pasta, the Italian dish is ready to impress your guest or yourself. Try it out! That was the perfect Recipe to cook pasta like an Italian. 



Olive oilItalian Pasta









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