Best ways to keep visitors longer on your website

Best Ways How to keep Visitors longer on your Website – User Experience

Best ways to keep visitors longer on your website

In this article I display how to keep visitors longer on your Website. It’s simple!

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Best Ways how to keep visitors longer on your Website


First of all I want to underline that a good User Experience (UX) leads to a higher SEO and therefor to a higher Google ranking. In fact, it is very important to outperform your competitors, whereas giving visitors joy to stay on your website, for a longer time.

Let me bring a good example: Imagine you are hiking in the mountains, there are three different paths, but you can’t see a sign where the paths lead to. The same problem you can find online. On a website with low UX, you can easily get “lost” and you prefer quiting the whole tab instead of read with joy the article.

A good User Experience will lead your visitors to other articles on your website and give them a sense of satisfaction. Before showing you the best ways how to keep visitors longer on your website, I give you short examples of a good User Experience on your website

Examples of User Experience (UX)

  • Website Design
  • Navigation Bar
  • Call to action Button
  • Visual Designs and Animation
  • Infographic
  • Text (400-900 characters)
  • Elastic Scrolling
  • Mobile Response
  • Social Media Preview


How to improve your User Experience keep visitors longer on your website?

In the following part I list the 7 best ways to keep visitors longer on your website and improve User Experience (UX)

1) Website Design

The Website Design is one of the most important way to increase User Experience (UX) and keep visitors on your website. A inspiring website design is the first touchpoint to your visitors and decisory for further actions. The Website design should be clear, simple, attractive and don’t overload the user with information and possibilities to click. Fonts should be easy readible, images in high quality and categories well structured.

How to keep visitors longer on your website


2) Navigation Bar

Remember the example of the mountain hike and the path issue ? Well, exactly that you should avoid on your website, the visitor has to stay as long as possible on your Website while enjoying it. Many Navigation Bars on websites have too many links and sub categories, also here: keep it simple and highlight the main categories. A clear Navigation Bar leads the user smoothly through your website and increases the User Experience (UX).

how to make visitors stay longer on your website

3) Call to Action Button

A very simple, but effective way to improve User Expierence and make visitors stay longer on your website is the Call to Action Button. Why? With a Call to action Button you can guide visitors exactly where you want to. People love to put buttons, same as online buttons. A CTA Button can have different colours, different shapes and used for different purposes, but it always leads to the same result: Clicks and longer Page Time. A very good example is the Call to Action Button of Netflix.

make visitors stay longer on your website


4) Visual Design

A good Visual Design strenghten the User Experience even more together with a attractive layout. Always have in mind that people are “lazy“. Don’t make visitors think too much, we all love to scroll down websites and focuse on visuals and title. Maybe even now you don’t read this text but are focusing on the Visual Design. That’s how you make stay people longer on your website! First visitors look at visuals, when they are appealing, they will read also the text. Both Infograhics and Visuals are easier to understand and processed by our brains.

Increase User Experience Visual Design


5) Visual Infographic

A well designed Infographic is the best way to turn complicated or boring topics into eye catcher. It is my favourite gadget to improve User Experience in an interacting and simple way. Infographics can be used for statistics, data, processes, rankings, settings, guidelines etc.

Infographics can be an alternative to Visual Designs, since you can create them for free online:

Infographics User Experience


6) Social Media Preview

This is the trendiest way to improve User Experience and keep visitors connected with you. A Social Media Gallery inside your Website! You can implement it for Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Blog. Visitors will be probably surprised with a Social Media Preview on your website, since it is so new.

Instagram Preview on Website


7) Mobile Response

Nowadays, more than the half of users are surfing through the internet via Smartphone. It is very important to make your website Mobile responsive, in other words, your website should be displayed perfecly also on a Smartphone or Tablet. If you enter a website with your Smartphone and the only thing you see are blurred titles mixed with a Image in the background, you will leave the page instantly. Therefor make your website Mobile responsive to keep visitors longer on your website and improve User Experience.


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