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How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan in 5 Steps

It’s time to adapt your business in the new digital area. Here a powerful Guide how to create a Digital Marketing Plan in 5 Steps. 

What is a Digital Marketing Plan ?

A Digital Marketing Plan is a well elaborated document that specifies the company goals, the strategies and tactics using online marketing. The ultimate aim is  to reach the desired target market and new potential customers. This plan should be worked out very precisely and studied well. One of the most common mistakes companies make is to plan the strategies not well enough.

The dimensions of a Digital Marketing Plan are not depending on the size of the business. In fact, a Digital Marketing Plan can be applied to a multinational company as well as to SME.

Digital Marketing Plan

How to create a powerful Digital Marketing Plan in 5 steps?

Before beginning to elaborate the plan, the business should ask itself to whom am I marketing? It should be always crystal clear who my target market is.

1. Digital Market Research 

This first step is a very important one that need a lot of time. The Market Research for a Digital Marketing Plan includes the identification of potential customers, desires, identification of new market trends and structures as well as identification of competitors. In this phase the business should verify it’s actual Social Media situation that include for example double check the website (onlinestore), check if its compatible with a smartphone, check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog presence. For each Platform it is recommendable to elaborate a SWOT Analysis. 

 SWOT Analysis Practical Example

SWOT Analysis Digital Marketing Plan

2. Defining your Digital Marketing Objectives

After having identified the strength & weaknesses of our Social Media Platforms, it is time to define our Marketing Objectives in order to progress our Digital Marketing Plan. The Marketing Objectives should be reasonable, specified and reasonable. For a Digital Marketing Plan some very important objectives can be a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO), high Branding, Sales Funnel improvement, E-Mail Marketing Strategies (MailChimp), Google Adwords Campaigns, Social Media Ad’s Campaign.

Here a practical extract to convert theory easier into reality.

Digital Marketing Plan Sales Funnel 


In my opinion of all the above stated Marketing Goals I recommend to built a Website or Blog with the highest SEO possible. Why? It’s the best way to reach new customers while paying nothing! When your website is ranked in the first results in google you have a very high competitive advantage that was for free, maybe cost your business time, but that is all.


SEO Off Page Factors

3. Target Market and Competition

To elaborate Step 3 of the Digital Marketing Plan we need to know what types of clients the business has. In fact, it should be studied how big the target market is as well the number of potential customers and the capacity. 

To know the target market it is recommended to create a profile: 

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Income
  • Location
  • Lifestyle
  • Goals
  • Interests

An other aspect to take in consideration is the competition your business faces. It is useful to study the competitors strengths and weaknesses. More about Target Market here.

4. Digital Marketing Plan Tools 

Here a list of very useful Tools, you may not have heard, to elaborate your Digital Marketing Plan and execute it.

Platforms Digital Marketing Plan

5. Digital Marketing Calendar

In the last step of your Digital Marketing Plan for your business you should prepare a calendar where you plan your posts on all Social Media Platforms. I prepared a very useful example of how such a Digital Marketing Calendar should look like.


Followed all the steps your Digital Marketing Plan is made. 

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