Tik Tok Algorithm

TikTok Algorithm – How does it work?

Author: Thomas Eccel

Thomas Eccel

TikTok is a new social video platform from China with over 1 billion users worldwide. But how does the TikTok Algorithm works? How can I improve my video reach and beat the algorithm?

The TikTok Algorithm is similar to the LinkedIn and Facebook Algorithm. An Algorithm filters relevant videos, post and articles and creates order in the Platform, trying to show you only relevant and interesting content. It would be impossible for TikTok to show you every video available. That would be also annoying for you.

TikTok Algorithm – How does it work? 

The TikTok Algorithm consists of four main parts. The video is going to be valued, this process is not linear. In fact, your video will go through the Algorithm again and again. Let’s start here. You just posted a TikTok Video.

Tik Tok Algorithm


1. Engagement Test

After your video has been published the algorithm it will be available only for a small group of users to test it’s quality. In this Phase engagement like comments, shares and likes, watched time are critical. Every engagement shows the algorithm that your video is more interesting. Shares are the most valuable engagement, likes the least valuable.

2. Scoring

In the second Phase the TikTok Algorithm collects the engagements points from the previous stage and rates the quality of your video. Some sources believe that you video should have at least 1 like per 10 views in order to score good. Once the TikTok algorithm has classified your quality score it will decide if the video reach will be expanded or not. But do not worry, if your score is below average, your video is still not dead.

3. Velocity of Engagement

If your TikTok video passed the scoring phase then the TikTok Algorithm needs to decide how long it will push your video to more users. That is determined by the velocity of engagement it receives. For instance, if your video receives suddenly 30% more likes in a single hour or day, the TikTok Algorithm sees that your video is still very interesting and will expand the views and reach for more users.

4. End of Push

Once your Velocity of Engagement of your TikTok Video decreases, the TikTok Algorithm will slow the reach down until your video stopped being shown to users. However, there is still a chance for your video to get another push if you are able to boost the engagement again.

TikTok Algorithm

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